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MOONJUNE RECORDS came into being in 2001. The company represents the fruition of vision from entrepreneurial producer, tour manager and promoter Leonardo Pavkovic (see also MOONJUNE MUSIC BOOKINGS, for info regarding booking MJR artists, and to review Leonardo Pavkovic's extensive industry pedigree), and draws its name from Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt’s famous 1970 epic, “The Moon in June.”
MoonJune has already established its' pedigree with “in-the-know” progressive music fans. The focus of MoonJune is to discover and release music by artists from a variety of international settings -- exploring the expanding boundaries of genuine, challenging, "non-over-produced music" that cannot be easily categorized into any specific format or genre.
The ongoing goal of MoonJune is to support music that transcends stylistic pigeon-holing, but operates within an evolutionary progressive musical continuum that places jazz at one end and rock at the other. The ever-expanding boundaries of these two musical categories have since come to include everything from progressive rock to ethno-jazz, from experimental avante-garde to jazz-rock, and anything in between.
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"Meeting Leonardo Pavkovic, who runs the MoonJune label, was the biggest thing in getting my career going again. He's been amazing in helping me manage a lot of things." -Allan Holdsworth

"Leonardo is a wonderful guy who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about music ... The music that he releases on MoonJune is of very high quality, and I feel honored to be associated with the other artists on the label." -Barry Cleveland

"... one of the most forward-thinking independent labels on the current music scene New York-based MoonJune Records." -ProgSphere

"... the adventurous and far-reaching MoonJune label -- an imprint that's saving progrock from itself, thank God." -Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"MoonJune embodies a spirit of adventure that relishes exploring all things new and different, while remaining rooted in the rich history of alternative rock and jazz. Leonardo Pavkovic has a knack for attracting unusual bands and musicians. He is one of the last true adventurers and risk takers on the music scene. By urging 'his' musicians to collaborate with each other he has also made it possible for new bands to emerge and explore new avenues of sonic wonder. Without his unflinching support - added to that of Moonjunie extraordinaire Elton Dean - a band like The Wrong Object would never have had received the international exposure and critical acclaim he has helped to generate. Other bands, such as douBt (which was created under Leo's impulsion), would not even exist." -Michel Delville

"Moonjune is a great label full of interesting music. Specialising in progressive music, jazz rock, experimental and Canterbury related music, it releases a considerable number of albums -- and albums that would otherwise simply not get heard. Perhaps the best thing about the label, however, is Leonardo Pavkovic, himself. Not just the label boss; not just a one-man-mission to bring new progressive music to the world -- he is a total enthusiast and music lover, and does the whole thing effectively and with passion." -Theo Travis

"The simple act of ordering a CD from the MoonJune Records website proved to literally be a life-changing experience for me when I found myself in a conversation with the singular Leonardo Pavkovic. That conversation happily led to my releasing three CDs (and counting) on MoonJune and my subsequent exposure to an amazing worldwide community of highly-attuned listeners who've come to greatly respect Leonardo's impeccable ears, humanistic vision, and rare integrity. Leonardo's steadfast support of uncompromisingly intelligent and adventurous music has opened up a world of possibilities for musicians and listeners alike; I for one couldn't dream of a more supportive environment for my music than MoonJune and am honored to call Leonardo my friend. Whether unearthing astonishing musical discoveries in unlikely places like Indonesia or burnishing the legacy of modern masters like Soft Machine and Allan Holdsworth, you can be sure that wherever Leonardo goes on his constant worldwide travels, you'll find music of the highest order." -Dennis Rea


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