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    DWIKI DHARMAWAN Pasar Klewer      NEW!
Recorded in London, and featuring "the cream of Britain's younger expat crop," Pasar Klewer is immediately essential -- a modern prog epic! Backed by the core foundation of the expressive bassist, Yaron Stavi, and masterful timekeeper, Asaf Sirkis, Dwiki reveals further facets of his musical genius -- assisted by brilliant contributions from a host of guests, including Boris Savoldelli, Mark Wingfield, Nicolas Meier and Gilad Atzmon. MoonJune is pleased to present what we consider one of the finest works yet offered by the label.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    SAVOLDELLI - CASARANO - BARDOSCIA The Great Jazz Gig In The Sky      NEW!
Naturally, Boris Savoldelli didn’t take an easy path in choosing to reimagine one of the most sacred albums of all time, Pink Floyd’s monumental "Dark Side of the Moon." It surely didn’t help that it’s also one of the most frequently covered works of progressive music, either. But Boris always disdains the easy path, and unlike the many sterile, note-for-note versions of Dark Side proffered by lesser talents, his rendition truly distinguishes itself by taking a strikingly imaginative and boldly creative new approach to the familiar material.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    ZHONGYU Zhongyu        NEW!
Zhongyu is an American band with a Chinese name and an attitude that encompasses the full spectrum of musical sounds and sources. Composer Jon Davis teams up with three members of Moraine and an experienced jazz drummer to create a sound that blends influences from Rock in Opposition (Univers Zero and Present), progressive rock (King Crimson), jazz (electric Miles Davis and composers such as George Russell), and Asian music. Zhongyu is a powerful, brilliantly executed, and strikingly original debut album that has been years in the making.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    BELEDO Dreamland Mechanism        NEW!
Beledo's MoonJune debut is a star-studded, multifarious affair. Supported by a cast of modern progressive jazz-fusion luminaries (featuring the likes of Gary Husband, Dewa Budjana and Lincoln Goines, for starters), the Uruguayan-born, NYC transplant guitar maestro puts not only his virtuosic guitar playing on display, but also his enormous talents on a variety of instruments (acoustic guitar, piano, violin, accordion, Fender Rhodes, Mini Moog, fretless bass), in a session with more twists, turns & surprises than an Agatha Christie novel!  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
MoonJune is pleased to present the extraordinary musical stylings of Serbian master keyboardist and composer, Vasil Hadzimanov. "Alive" documents Vasil and his band in peak creative form, in front of enthusiastic, most appreciative audiences during their 2014 Serbian tour and features a guest appearance by the progressive jazz sax luminary, David Binney. Unpredictable and unpretentious, this bold, adventurous international debut for MoonJune (the band's 6th album) pays homage to a variety of styles and influences.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    DWIKI DHARMAWAN So Far So Close        NEW!
On his debut for MoonJune Records, the Indonesian icon, Dwiki Dharmawan, treats listeners to an exotic musical mélange of the highest order. Featuring fusion and progressive rock luminaries, Chad Wackerman, Jimmy Haslip, (and fellow MoonJune artists and Indonesian giants) Dewa Budjana and Tohpati, and as well the legendary violinist, Jerry Goodman. "So Far, So Close" features adventurous compositions, arrangements and performances, making it an engaging and immediately essential progressive fusion album.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    SLIVOVITZ All You Can Eat        NEW!
The undisputed masters of progressive gypsy jazz return to the table after a four-year studio absence. Their previous effort for MoonJune, the rousing Bani Ahead (MJR039), saw Slivovitz raise their game to new heights: pushing the envelope of modern jazz in the post-Zappa era, and in joyous, effervescent fashion. Fans of the Italian septet will find their craving for a follow-up richly rewarded, with the band's circumspect, third-person view of American culture (and, perhaps, overindulgence), All You Can Eat.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    XADU Random Abstract        NEW!
Dusan’s guitar and pedalwork conjure a soundscape that can range from the introspective and almost ambient/atmospheric to the urgency of careening snowblind through a maelstrom of sound. Xavi is right in the vortex: coaxing riffs into life, while laying chase to Dusan’s frenetic runs with his supremely musical, dynamic kit work. Taking the minimalist approach and pushing it beyond all previously-established bounds, XaDu joyfully discards the rulebook in favor of pursuing new, adventurous forms of musical expression.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    LIGRO Dictionary 3        NEW!
After a nearly three-year absence, Indonesian jazz and fusion guitarist etraordinaire, Agam Hamzah, and his scintillating power trio make a powerful return to the spotlight with guns blazing, delivering a soulful, ambitious effort that rocks with brute force and conviction! Featuring a special guest appearance by the young Indonesian jazz keyboard prodigy, Ade Irawan, the album ventures to domains which highlight the amazing versatility, depth and unbridled sense of adventure that has become this multifaceted group's trademark.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    MARK WINGFIELD Proof of Light
It's not often an album is released that is so daring in approach and revolutionary in delivery that it actually changes one's perspective of how music can be expressed. It is the great privilege and honor for MJR to present just such an album, with the MoonJune debut of the otherworldly guitar stylings of critically-acclaimed, American-born UK guitarist, Mark Wingfield. His transcendent new album, Proof of Light, is gloriously sensitive, nuanced trio work, with a preeminent level of musical communication that borders on the telepathic.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    DEWA BUDJANA Hasta Karma
Joined by a superb cast of marquee players, Dewa Budjana's new release sets a new benchmark for modern progressive jazz excellence in the 21st century. Dewa and his stellar session-mates -- legendary NYC vibraphonist, Joe Locke, and Pat Metheny Unity Group's articulate young upright bassist, Ben Williams, and extraordinary maestro drummer, Antonio Sanchez, with renowned Indonesian keyboardist, Indra Lesmana -- create superlative atmospheric textures that transport listeners to destinations of soaring altitude.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    TESLA MANAF Tesla Manaf
It is with great pride and privilege that MoonJune Records is once again afforded the unique opportunity of elevating one of the world's great young guitar prodigies to the world stage: introducing the Indonesian progressive jazz guitar phenom, Tesla Manaf. A truly unique voice on his instrument, Tesla's playing is ripe with imagination and gusto, uninhibited by tradition or any predispositions. For his international debut, an array of songs are presented which showcase Tesla's unique talents as both a player and composer.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    simakDialog Live at Orion
simakDialog's performance at The Orion, in September of 2013, was a rivoting performance for the ages. It was a night of pure magic, with the band's "musical ESP" clearly in evidence -- inspiring both band and audience alike, and pushing their music to new plateaus. Culminating this most memorable night was a special guest appearance by fellow MoonJunista, Beledo! This special 2-CD album documents that incredible show, capturing all of its emotion, nuance and detail, in this superb audiophile live recording.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    YAGULL Kai
Yagull's official debut for MoonJune Records, Kai, finds the band expanding its post-rock chamber soundtrack concept to great effect. This most special of occasions is accentuated by a host of guest contributors; featuring fellow Moonjune international recording maestros, Beledo (guitar, lute), Dewa Budjana (guitar) and Marko Djordjevic (drums), and many other great musicians. The result is a simmering sonic bouillabaisse, chocked full of choice ingredients which delectably merge to blur the lines drawn by traditional genres!   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    MORAINE Groundswell
Moraine's most recent metamorphosis highlights their reoccurring theme of unbridled invention -- undeterred by convention and delivered convincingly, with abandon! Brushing all preconception aside, Dennis Rea and company courageously initiate proceedings from a place to which most modern progressive bands can only dream of ascending. Groundswell is one of the most ambitious, far-reaching albums from the progressive genre this year. This is "brave new fusion" ... as it's title might infer, this one is destined to leave a mark!   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    MARBIN The Third Set
What does a band that has performed over 1000 shows during the course of the last four years do for an encore? -- Recording a scorching, balls-to-the-wall, three-alarm live album seems like a natural progression! The Third Set is a testimony to the work ethic synonymous with Marbin's name and the depth of diction, styles and textures these young gentlemen have reached. Beyond that, it's a bone-crushing, no-holds-barred, sonic feeding frenzy, as the young lions devour a sizzling set of their best material with unparalleled intensity!!   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    TOHPATI Tribal Dance
For his third release for MoonJune Records, Tohpati is joined by renowned maestros, bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Chad Wackerman, for an album of brilliantly-conceived and -executed music, evidenced by inspired interplay, a delightful chemistry and bursts of intense, spontaneous genius. Tohpati's explosive fretwork is ever-present, framed by an intuitive, prescient interplay with this formidable rhythm section -- generating wave upon wave of infectious syncopations and grooves, gloriously decorating a very special session.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    DEWA BUDJANA Surya Namaskar
Supported by progressive legends, bassist Jimmy Johnson and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta, the seventh solo album from Indonesian progressive guitar legend Dewa Budjana (his third for MoonJune Records) sees the maestro cast aside the dense, meticulously-arranged approach that defined his previous MJR releases (last year's critically-acclaimed efforts: Dawai In Paradise, and Joged Kahyangan), in favor of a more streamlined set that burns with a rare intensity and squarely places Dewa's formidable chops front and center.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    XAVI REIJA Resolution
Trimming down from a quintet to a trio for his international debut, Catalan master drummer Xavi Reija?s Resolution is an extraordinary exploration in dissonance, minimalism, space and texture. Unencumbered by pretense or convention, Xavi has recruited the creative talents of Dusan Jevtovic and bassist Bernat Hernandez [both featured on Dusan's, Am I Walking Wrong? (MJR058)] for a post-rock/avant-jazz session that challenges the traditional guitar-bass-drums trio format in every conceivable fashion.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    SUSAN CLYNES Life Is...
MoonJune Records is pleased to present the international debut of the multi-talented pianist, vocalist and composer, Susan Clynes. On her sparkling debut, Susan showcases her evocative, compelling stylings (on both vocals and piano), in a set that is as diverse and genre-eclipsing as it is emotive and powerful. There's an almost telepathic synergy to the musicians' performances that emerges, as acute listeners will quickly discern. Like the Belgian herself, the music is bold, adventurous and unafraid to tread anywhere.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
Much more than just a meeting of modern progressive jazz heavyweights, MACHINE MASS's Inti witnesses the seemless cohesion of extraordinary creativity fusing with technology. Reformed with renowned modern jazz legend, Dave Liebman, Machine Mass (formerly MACHINE MASS TRIO) utilizes rhythmically-complex loops "on the fly," while fusing their spontaneous interactions into a group dynamic that challenges music-making convention in the broadest sense -- and the results are spellbinding!   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    DEWA BUDJANA Joged Kahyangan
Boasting a stellar lineup of modern jazz icons Larry Goldings, Bob Mintzer, Jimmy Johnson and Peter Erskine, Indonesian guitar maestro Dewa Budjana's sixth solo album -- his second for MoonJune Records -- is a progressive jazz master-class session of huge proportions. Overflowing with moments of elegance, grace, depth and invention, Joged Kahyangan is an intricately-woven tapestry of supreme modern jazz, eclipsing borders as it transports listeners to truly heavenly destinations.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    DUSAN JEVTOVIC Am I Walking Wrong?
The spectacular international debut of Serbian guitarist, Dusan Jevtovic, is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride: full of twists and turns that you never see coming. His MJR debut showcases moments of immense raw, explosive power, interspersed with swatches of playful dissonance, contemplative ambiance, riveting r'n'b-tinged grooves, authoritative rock vamps, and more. The tight, abundantly-capable trio rip through an engaging set of original barn-burners that are as catchy and accessible as they are spellbinding and unpredictable.   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
It is with great pride that MJR presents the music of I Know You Well Miss Clara. This buoyant, pioneering young Indonesian quartet captures the energy and essence of a number of modern progressive music's most defining artists -- producing shimmering moments of sheer creative genius. Like an exotic delicacy or a vintage wine, this is music to be savored: an unpretentious exploration into the very nature of music and musical expression. The next chapter in the unfolding evolution of progressive jazz fusion has been written!   CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    simakDialog The 6th Story
The Sixth Story is the exhilarating, full-throttle follow-up to 2009's critically-acclaimed Demi Masa (MJR024), from the legendary psychedelic/gamela-jazz/world music phenoms, simakDialog. Raising the benchmark in a genre known for its brilliant artists is no easy feat, but the legendary virtuosos are decidedly up to the task: each composition is an exquisite master-class rendering of equal parts elegance and intrigue. This is modern progressive jazz at its most original, most far-reaching and most achieving.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    THE WRONG OBJECT After The Exhibition
Belgian prog heavyweights, The Wrong Object, make a spectacular return to center stage, with a studio album of brilliant original compositions -- and epic magnititude! Showcasing a variety of fresh, powerful material, this delectable new release is masterfully delivered by a capable, cohesive new lineup. Every so often an album comes out which proves to be a defining moment for both a group and its respective genre; this is just such an album -- shattering the progressive music template and dancing madly on its remains.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    DIALETO The Last Tribe
Dialeto's long-awaited international debut disgards the power trio schematics, visiting styles and textures that could have been just as at home forty years ago as they are today while remaining undeniably contemporary and accessible. Quirky, unpredictable and overflowing with power and energy, The Last Tribe is a "take no prisoners" progressive rock steamroller. The band rips through an original set of barn-burners that defy categorization, but are fresh, compelling and masterfully delivered.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
Soft Machine Legacy makes their most powerful statement to date, delivering an album of epic proportions. Broad in its scope and ambition, but sensitive, probing and playful in its delivery, Burden of Proof provides more than ample evidence that the legends remain at the top of their game. Infectious grooves, undeniably hip vibes and sizzling performances dominate the outing, as the veteran progressive masters break more new ground and offer more previously-unseen facets of their dynamic musical persona.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    DEWA BUDJANA Dawai In Paradise
MoonJune Records is pleased to present the incredible artistry of the legendary world-class Indonesian guitarist, Dewa Budjana. Ranging from the bold and adventurous to the gracefully elegant, his playing bounces from the frantic urgency of a Fripp or McLaughlin to the organic intimacy of a Metheny or Towner will equal ease and fluidity. This, Dewa's fifth solo album, is a soaring, majestic album -- and an "instant essential" for all fans of world music, progressive jazz, and prolific, master-class guitar.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    MARBIN Last Chapter of Dreaming
Being every bit as enthralling as it is entertaining, Marbin's third release is a genre-defying masterpiece. On the heels of last year's critically-hailed effort, Breaking The Cycle, the group has delivered the sort of album that you just can't stop listening to -- documenting an intrepid leap forward for this young, vibrant band. With it's unique blend of inventive, balls-to-the-wall rock, unpretentious, from-the-heart jazz, and emotionally-charged blues, this fabulous effort serves notice that Marbin are a band that has clearly arrived.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    douBt Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love
The internationally-acclaimed power trio returns with their highly-anticipated, second release -- delivering a concept album deriving its inspiration as much from William Blake�s visionary aesthetics as from a diversity of 20th-century musical icons (ranging from Hendrix to Stravinsky!). Alternately fiery and mellow, groovy and meditative, Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love is a marked departure from the free-rock and -jazz models of its predecessor (the much-praised Never Pet a Burning Dog) and is rooted in the trio�s most inspirational rock sources.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
Lush with soaring synth-scapes, waves of blistering guitar feedback and sound-art segments consisting of field recordings, tape collage and electronically-generated sounds, Senna is easily Mahogany Frog's most ambitious record to date. Featuring powerful new material ranging from the hot & gritty, to the dramatic, to the exploratory, their sophmore effort for MoonJune is as intriguing as it is ambitious. On their sixth album, the Winnipeg Canadian quartet have created a cinematic art-rock masterpiece that challenges convention.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    LIGRO Dictionary 2
On their first international release, Jakarta's celebrated jazz-rock trio, Ligro, blazes through eight volcanic, highly-creative studio performances. Propelled by the frenetic erupting guitar excursions of Indonesian legend Agam Hamzah, bassist Adi Darmawan and drummer Gusti Hendy make the trio pulsate and breathe. Impressively tight and appealingly loose, Ligro combines the energy and enthusiasm of a basement jam session with the technique of players thoroughly grounded in the best of contemporary instrumental music.  CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
Founded by The Wrong Object keyboardist Antoine Guenet, SH.TG.N is a six-pack of Belgian musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. The music is loud and with no restrictions, clashing with the dull predictability of today's mundane mainstream music. This explosive chemistry is evident on this live debut for MoonJune Records. Made without overdubs or edits, just the raw, live sound of the band -- a concentration of the dark, violent energy of metal, elements of the best contemporary music, and the freedom of jazz.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
The screaming debut from Indonesian guitar sensation Tohpati's power trio is a rock-inspired fusion shredfest. Revealing even further dimensions of his musical persona, he leads the charge into uncharted territories where few trios would dare venture. Riot further cements Tohpati's well-deserved position among the world's elite guitarists, convincingly displaying that he is one of its most versatile. A scorching, balls-to-the-wall set of Tohpati originals, recorded live in the studio with vibrant, crystal-clear production.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
This reissue of Boris' breakthrough initial solo release -- originally distributed only in Italy, in 2007 -- features contributions by renowned guitarist Marc Ribot. Finally getting the worldwide attention it has merited, Insanology further documents the creative genius of the Italian vocalist extraordinaire -- offering a diverse palette of world influences on the grandest scale, and showcasing the brilliance and versatility of both his voice and compositional skills. "Savoldelli is a genuine original, wholly in command ..." -Chris Parker, Vortex Jazz, UK� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    MACHINE MASS TRIO As Real As Thinking
Originally born as a side-project of douBt, this new trio led by progressive veterans Tony Bianco and Michel Delville also includes emerging Belgian talent Jordi Grognard on saxophones, bass clarinet and flute. An amazing mix of fiery licks, catchy themes, telepathic rhythms, shamanic soundscapes and processed loops -- testifying to the bands compositional flair and extraordinary musicianship -- that will appeal to fans of progressive jazz, world music and rock audiences with an ear for the unusual.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    MORAINE Metamorphic Rock
Since releasing their widely-acclaimed debut, manifest deNsity, in 2009, Seattle's Moraine has built a reputation as one of the most electrifying original instrumental rock bands anywhere. Their unique amalgam of art rock, forward-thinking jazz, world music, and more continues winning over listeners around the globe. Recorded at NEARfest 2 , Metamorphic Rock documents Moraine's continued evolution: from their chamber-rock origins, to a more forceful, dynamic sound. Highlighting fresh, new material, this is one stellar performance!� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    SLIVOVITZ Bani Ahead
Likened to the music of Zappa, the finely-calibrated ensemble playing of Slivovitz sounds like a single organism. Whether executing dizzying unison lines, weaving ingenious dovetailing melodic counterpoint, or supporting an impassioned solo, they never lose their group identity. Representing a new benchmark for one of Europe's leading purveyors of progressive instrumental music, theres more richness of detail here than on any ten albums by the latest vaunted "neo-prog" bands on this highly-anticipated, most satisfying release.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    MARBIN Breaking The Cycle
Marbin's young duo of guitarist Dani Rabin and saxophonist Danny Markovitch exhibit the energy and passion of youth, combined with a technical prowess that's advanced well beyond their years. Powered by veteran drummer Paul Wertico and world-class bassist Steve Rodby (both of Pat Metheny Group fame), this fabuloust mix of fusion, prog, jazz, folk and ambient music is filled with breathtakingly-beautiful moments. For fans of Pat Metheny, Terje Rypdal, Jan Garbarek, Oregon, and the infamous "ECM sound".� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    BORIS SAVOLDELLI Biocosmopolitan
Biocosmopolitan is a tour-de-force of vocal artistry. Featuring brilliant contributions from rising trumpet star Paolo Fresu and renowned jazz bassist Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets; Allan Holdsworth), Savoldelli's new release is an exquisitely-crafted sound palette replete with elaborate harmonies, interlocking rhythms, and a panoply of globe-spanning musical influences, old and new. Boris's deft use of looping creates a rich tapestry of choral, instrumental, and percussion sounds that defy description and have dazzled fans and critics alike!� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    SOFT MACHINE LEGACY Live Adventures
On their rousing new live disc for MoonJune (recorded during the European tour in October of '09), Soft Machine Legacy covers more vintage Soft Machine repertoire than on any of their previous releases. Creating fresh new arrangements as only they could, SML reinvigorates this classic songlist -- decorating the tunes with intriguing new dimensions, and expansive, protean improvisations of the highest order. This is no historical rehashing of Soft Machine, but a living, breathing music that is as vital and revelevant today as it ever was.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
simakDialog's gifted, world-class guitarist Tohpati ventures out with his five-piece crackshot unit, Ethnomission. Tohpati references such impeccable influences as Rypdal, McLaughlin, Scofield, and Fripp, yet remains every bit his own axeman -- equally at ease unspooling fleet-fingered chromatic runs, intervallic leaps, pastoral melodies, buoyant fusion, sinister metal crunch, country twang, and enigmatic, freely improvised soundscapes. His Ethnomission band's debut is a brilliant one, not to be missed.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    DENNIS REA Views From Chicheng Precipice
Internationally-acclaimed for his work with art-rock juggernaut Moraine and free-jazz provocateurs Iron Kim Style, guitarist and composer Dennis Rea presents a completely different but equally-compelling facet of his musical personality. His most ambitious release to date is boldly unorthodox in its instrumentation, approach and treatment of traditional musical material, while remaining warmly respectful of its sources -- creating a sonorous and surprising listening experience that goes far beyond typical attempts at "East-West fusion".� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    BARRY CLEVELAND Hologramatron
Barry Cleveland reinvents the protest album, with an all-star lineup featuring fretless bass legend Michael Manring, master drummer Celso Alberti and pedal-steel iconoclast Robert Powell. Drawing inspiration from a musical continuum spanning art rock, psychedelia, metal, ambient, world music, trance, and funk, this epic release is a musical response to contemporary issues and realities. For more than 25 years, Barry's epic compositions and virtuoso, eclectic guitar work have been celebrated by critics, musicians and listeners alike.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    douBt Never Pet a Burning Dog
With moods and registers ranging from heavy-rock riffs, to cosmic grooves, to more lyrical and pastoral flavors, douBt's debut release is amazing in its' intensity and magnitude. This new power electric jazz trio -- comprisied of Alex Maguire (Hatfield and the North, Elton Dean), Michel Delville (The Wrong Object) and Tony Bianco (Dave Liebman) -- combines the energy of rock, the spirit of free-jazz and the lyricism of post-Canterbury Nu-Jazz. Featuring guest contributions from Canterbury legend Richard Sinclair on vocals and bass.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    IRON KIM STYLE Iron Kim Style
Iron Kim Style is an explosive Seattle-based jazz-rock improv quintet -- featuring Moraine's Dennis Rea (electric guitar), Jay Jaskot (drums), Bill Jones (trumpet), Thaddaeus Brophy (12-string electric guitar), and Ryan Berg (electric bass). Drawing on influences as diverse as Olivier Messiaen, electric Miles Davis, Terje Rypdal, John Abercrombie, heavy rock, as well as North Korean martial music (naturally!), IKS conjures spontaneous sonic epics encompassing everything from stomping grooves to grinding noise to passages of eerie beauty.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    BEPPE CROVELLA What's Rattlin' On The Moon?
With his brilliant MoonJune release What's Rattlin' On The Moon?, veteran progressive musician and award-winning composer Beppe Crovella (Arti & Mestieri) delivers a heartfelt and long-overdue tribute to one of the defining voices of the jazz-rock idiom: Soft Machine keyboardist and composer, Mike Ratledge. This majestic effort presents a fresh take on the music of Ratledge, through novel arrangements and the use of vintage keyboards not normally associated with the Softs, such as the Mellotron. An essential for all Soft Machine fans!� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
Reuniting to pay tribute to their time spent in The New Tony Williams Lifetime, guitar legend Allan Holdsworth and keyboardist extraordinaire Alan Pasqua recruited iconic figures bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Chad Wackerman for an incredible musical salute. Unlike the live DVD of the same name, this album takes the best material from the entire tour, delivering an entire evening's worth of music full of inspired performances. These veterans deliver the goods on this essential album for all progressive music and Holdsworth fans.  2-CD SET � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    MORAINE manifest deNsity
With their debut, Seattle legends Moraine achieve a cohesive sound while drawing from math-rock, fractured bebop, Chinese folk music, off-the-chain power jazz, and more. Already well-established among prog fans, their list of diverse influences include Mahavishnu Orchestra, King Crimson, Terje Rypdal, John Abercrombie, Oregon, Art Zoyd, Univers Zero, Dr. Nerve, and even traditional East Asian music! Demonstrating a mastery of a mulititude of musical stylings that cross cultural and geographical lines, this is one not to be missed!� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
In their first-ever collaboration, free jazz icons Leigh and Hara produce a deep, moving soundscape, with inticing forays into a more intense form of artistic expression. Although a multi-instrumentalist, Leigh concentrates mainly on the flute -- frequently treated with different electronic effects, creating some intriguing textures. Hara sings and plays keyboards, changing her palette from acoustic piano to hard-edged organ sounds. Together, their music possesses contrasting densities, often evoking an atmosphere of soothing tranquility.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    SLIVOVITZ Hubris
With their MoonJune debut (and sophmore effort), Slivovitz proves that while perhaps taking their musical foundation from the likes of Zappa, they are also very receptive to the ethnographic sounds of the planet. Multiple influences and diverse elements are seemlessly intertwinded by this well-known and -respected progressive band. The music of carries listeners through a series of contrasting movements, in routine fashion, creating a unique identity that subtly belies the extensive depth of musical diction.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
After meeting him in Milano and hearing his work, experimental guitarist Eliott Sharp was blown away by Boris Savoldelli. Agreeing to appear at Boris' September 2008 performance at The Stone (NYC), the pair entered Sharp's studio the day before for some extended experimentations. The result is a session of communicative depth -- filled with moments of sheer creative genius. This highly-adventurous outing reveals a different side of the brilliant Savoldelli: experimental music at its' finest, darkest, and most exploratory!� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    simakDialog Demi Masa
Demi Masa is the fifth installment from the highly-regarded Indonesian progressive jazz ensemble, and the follow-up to their initial MoonJune release, 2007's Patahan. Led by keyboardist / composer Riza Arshad, this album features brilliant contributions from guitarist Tohpati and bassist Adhitya Pratama and sparkling percussion work. A palette of multi-cultural influences extend proceedings well beyond the bounds of any genre stereotypes, as the band continues to forge fresh new paths through uncharted territories.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
This CD documents an overlooked phase in the long history of Soft Machine: Australian drummer Phil Howard's five-month interim behind the kit, after Robert Wyatt's departure, prior to the arrival of John Marshall. Howard was brought into Soft Machine by saxophonist Elton Dean. (Howard was a member of Elton's side project, Just Us.) Under their combined influence, the band embarked on one of the freer and wilder periods of its' long, storied existence -- as illustrated by this great live recording, an essential for Soft Machine collection.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    ALEX MAGUIRE SEXTET Brewed In Belgium
Alex assembles a fine team of Belgian progressive jazz musicians, and launches a repertoire encompassing lyrical balladry, thick grooves, haunting melodies, free improvisation and high-energy interaction. Maguire's sextet features Jean-Paul Estievenart on trumpet, Michel Delville on guitar and guitar-synth, Damien Polard on bass, and Laurent Delchambre on drums (all members of MoonJune artists, The Wrong Object) -- as well as accomplished saxophonist, Robin Verheyen. A masterful brew of choice musical ingredients!� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    D.F.A. 4th
Fittingly described as "an unmitigated success which not only re-establishes the Italian quartet as a musical force to be reckoned with, but is also certain to be acclaimed as one of the best progressive rock releases of 2008", 4TH is Italian prog legends D.F.A.'s first studio release in almost a decade. The impressive quantity of musical substance on this effort speaks for itself -- with the band's masterful compositional skills, incredible telepathic interplay and cascading dynamics clearly on display and in top form.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
The fifth album from this Winnipeg, Canada-based outfit is their first for MoonJune. Over the past decade, Mahogany Frog has established their own unique brand of psychedelic jazz-rock -- an instrumental brew that is hard-hitting, challenging, experimental and noisy (but catchy as hell). DO5 is their most cohesive album to date, and accurately captures the energy, spontaneity and intensity that has become their signature. A heavy, explosive album where all of the elements involved are being pushed to their absolute limit.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
From soothing moments of calm reflection to jagged swipes at the psyche, the collective voices of HUMI form a multitude of textures, moods, improvisations and formal compositions into a cohesive, expressive musical language. Beyond the confines of genre, there is an eloquent, spellbinding quality at work here; arising synergestically, as two seasoned risk-takers go exploring. Subtle, exotic and articulate: don't expect anything obvious from the Soft Machine & SML veteran and Yumi Hara. One of the late Hugh Hopper's last works.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    THE WRONG OBJECT Stories From The Shed
The Belgian avant-prog-jazz-rock heavyweights return, with a brand new studio release of classic instrumentation and sonic landscapes. This CD marks a revisit to the rockier and densely-overdriven stance that characterized the band's earlier productions, as heavy guitar, extravagant jazz themes and electronic textures abound. With influences from Zappa to Squarepusher, to Soft Machine and Electric Miles, to Stravinsky and Bartok, this album surprises with its genre-defying compositions, adept improvisations and intricate arrangements.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    DELTA SAX QUARTET Dedicated To You (But You Weren't Listening)
Since initially being formed in 1984, the Delta Saxophone Quartet has never found a need for a comfort zone. DSQ's two new members -- tenorist Tim Holmes, and Australian soprano player Graeme Blevins -- have encouraged the quartet to move still further in new directions. Their fresh retakes of Soft Machine classics on this CD offer more than ample proof. Assisted by the late Hugh Hopper on one cut ("Facelift"), this effort is a rare treasure full of pleasant surprises. A refreshing find for fans of free jazz and Soft Machine.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
Combining free improv with inspired new writing, Soft Machine Legacy's new release illustrates the band's chameleon-like abilities. Gone are the keyboards that defined 1970's Soft Machine. In their place are modern samplings, loopings and sonic processing -- creating expansive soundscapes not possible during Soft Machine's heyday. Their seemingly limitless possibilities will appeal to fans of Soft Machine and anyone who likes their fusion spontaneous, and brimming with potent grooves and fiery energy.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    simakDialog Patahan
For their first international release, Jakarta-based simakDialog delivers Patahan -- a live recording that suggests how the Pat Metheny Group might sounded were they from the Far East, rather than the United States. A combination of electric and acoustic instruments, this 14-year-old group is fueled by two percussionists rather than a conventional drummer -- and with powerful results! This intricate offering is a superb-quality live recording, propelled by expansive solos, rich harmonies, telling interplay and driving, spirited rhythms.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    HUGH HOPPER Numero D'Vol
For those who may regard free jazz as inherently unapproachable, Numero D'Vol provides an opportunity to rethink that stance -- proving that it's possible to be completely spontaneous while creating music that maintains an instinctive focus. Saxophonist Simon Picard, keyboardist Steve Franklin and drummer Charles Hayward join Soft Machine and Soft Machine Legacy veteran Hugh Hopper for a session that proves there's even room for a backbeat, contemporary textures and touches of ambience in purely improvised music. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    PHIL MILLER & IN CAHOOTS Conspiracy Theories
Two years in the making, Conspiracy Theories is guitarist Phil Miller's most ambitious record to date. After establishing himself in such legendary Canterbury groups as Hatfield & the North, National Health, Matching Mole, and Delivery, Miller has devoted the majority of his energy over the past quarter-century to his more jazz-centric In Cahoots group. While fans of the Canterbury scene will be delighted, the disc's suberb compositions, arrangements and solos make it equally deserving of attention from the broader jazz-listening public. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    ARTI & MESTIERI First Live In Japan
A fantastic outing from the seven-piece Italian progressive music legends. Captured live in Kawasaki and Tokyo, during the Japan tour in June of 2005, this 76-minute album includes most of the material from their two highly-regarded cult albums "Tilt" and "Giro Di Valzer Per Domani" (with several newer compositions included, also). In the vein of Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return To Forever, Mothers Of Invention, mid-'70s Soft Machine, King Crimson and Gong, this release will please longtime fans and win over new ones! � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    JASON SMITH Tipping Point
L.A. drummer Jason Smith leads modern jazz icons Gary Husband (keyboards), and the late Dave Carpenter (acoustic bass) through a set of unconventional standards, executed with a deft blend of audacity and authenticity. From the first note, any conventions of the "classic piano trio" are shelved in favor of bold, expressionistic strokes: unraveling meter and melody, in a whimsical triple helix of bending, arcing, swooping lines that converge at unexpected junctures -- demanding a mastery of technique and joyous sense of adventure. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    D.F.A. Kaleidoscope
This special 2-CD set commissioned and presented by MoonJune features DFA's first two critically-acclaimed albums, "Lavori In Corso" (1996) and "Duty Free Area" (1999) -- digitally remastered, with three live bonus tracks. Keyboardist Alberto Bonomi's fluid phrasings are a perfect compliment to guitarist Silvio Minela's soaring jazz fusion lines. DFA combines linear themes, blazing crescendos and sweet, melodic opuses to create Mahavishnu Orchestra-type intensity with the softly-woven sensibilities of melodic rock.  2-CD SET � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    ELTON DEAN & THE WRONG OBJECT The Unbelievable Truth
Recorded live in Paris, in October 2005, less than four months before Elton Dean's passing, this landmark release demonstrates the command of the late British saxophonist. Highlighting both compositional and improvisational skills, the group covers music of Zappa-esque complexity to music reminiscent of Dean's 1970's tenure with Soft Machine. The group performs some of their brilliant, quirky originals as well as versions of some of Dean's best-loved tunes -- documenting how he remained a vital force to the very end. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    SOFT MACHINE LEGACY Soft Machine Legacy
Powerful rock-edged collaboration from the four legendary members of the seminal pioneers of jazz-rock, Soft Machine. Featuring the late, great free jazzer Elton Dean on saxophones and Fender Rhodes, innovative, rock-solid bassist Hugh Hopper, virtuosic guitarist John Etheridge and intuitive, forceful drummer John Marshall, Soft Machine Legacy's first studio album rocks as hard as any of the original group's efforts. Soft Machine Legacy demonstrates that "spirit, not a style, is truly Soft Machine's greatest legacy." � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    SOFT MACHINE Floating World Live
This album is the first live performance release by Soft Machine's "Bundles" lineup, featuring a young Allan Holdsworth on guitar. Recorded in January 1975, it consists mostly of the Bundles material (already recorded, but unreleased at the time). With their new direction, the Softs work was once again judged on its own merits. The positive reviews began pouring in again, and the era documented by this album would prove to be their second "golden age" in many respects. An essential progressive music recording.� CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
Powerful jazz-rock fusion, "Canterbury style," from the legendary Soft Machine alumni. Live in Zaandam is the first salvo from Soft Machine Legacy, combining visceral grooves with sizzling solos and telepathic interplay. Founding SML members Hugh Hopper (bass), John Etheridge (guitar), John Marshall (drums) and the late Elton Dean (sax/electric piano) combine to deliver six open-ended compositions, where structure is but a framework for intrepidly expanding the possibilities of fusion while remaining undeniably accessible. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
An uplifting proclamation of Jaco's musical doctrine. Featuring multiple modernized musical perspectives, Jaco's Gospel is preached by over 60 world-class musicians. Numerous jazz luminaries (many of whom were his personal friends and musical colleagues) have contributed, providing their own personal interpretations of various JFP compositions and making this a collection of superbly unique, nouveau presentations. This critically-acclaimed album is a fitting tribute to one of modern jazz's finest fretless bassists. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    TRIPOD Tripod
TriPod is a unique rock band hailing from New York City. Stripping away the guitars and keyboards, what remains are horns, vocals, percussion, and bass -- and you will be amazed at how these guys rock. Discovered at the famous rock club CBGB's, in 1998, the trio soon found themselves recording a demo and subsequently publicized in a variety of rock and prog-rock publications. Years have since passed and TriPod has now recorded and released their first "official" (self-titled) album, which MoonJune Records is proud to release. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    D.F.A. Work In Progress Live
This live album documents their stellar performance at NEARfest 2000, and marked the beginning of a new, exciting phase in D.F.A.'s career. Many among the capacity audience of progressive music enthusiasts at NEARfest were obviously unfamiliar with the Italian band, but as the show progressed it became evident that history was in the making. With each successive song came a bigger roar of applause, and D.F.A. were becoming instant stars on the international progressive music scene. This is one performance not to be missed. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
    FINISTERRE Storybook
Finisterre is one of the most interesting bands to have emerged from the international progressive rock scene in recent years. Drawing on the rich legacy of landmark '70s Italian pioneers, Finisterre is a band keen to experiment and explore different musical directions, while managing to maintain a unique and recognizable identity. Storybook documents Finisterre's first American concert, in the Summer of 1997, at Progfest. The music on their MoonJune debut is as adventurous and gripping as we've been led to expect from the band. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
Duos demand exceptional qualities: spontaneity, inventiveness, and an ability to truly listen. Elton and Mark first met at the start of the eighties, when Mark became part of drummer John Stevens' Dance Orchestra. A unique musical camaraderie developed, and Mark later joined Elton in Soft Heap, following Alan Gowen's death in 1981. The two often opened a set as a duo, before John Greaves & Pip Pyle would rejoin them onstage. Bar Torque is a free jazz classic that documents their incredible creative chemistry. � CLICK FOR MORE INFO OR TO BUY IT NOW!
Distributed by MoonJune
MoonJune News
    Image: MOONJUNE RECORDS extends a warm welcome to GUDARI RECORDS. Exclusive Worldwide Distributor.
On A Mission
Montevideo Jazz Dreams
FUSION ISN'T DEAD! ... it just needed rescuing!! Guided by the fresh, articulate guitar stylings of "The Uruguayan Myth," BELEDO, and complimented by the cutting-edge keys of renowned progressive veteran, ADAM HOLZMAN (former keyboardist & bandleader for MILES DAVIS, and currently for STEVE WILSON), The Avengers' debut couldn't be more heroic. Aside from his stellar guitar work, Beledo proves to be a prolific composer: delivering a generous, most-satisfying serving of intricate, inventive and masterfully-plotted delights. This is fusion at its most ambitious and achieving.
Supported by the likes of such modern-day jazz icons as Randy Brecker, Manolo Badrena and Stefon Harris, Montevideo Jazz Dreams is Uruguayan-born, NYC-based Beledo's elegant, arousing musical homage to his birthplace. Released in 2007, this inspired outing not only showcases Beledo's equally-masterful talents as a performer on guitar and piano, but also as an adept composer and arranger. MJR is proud and pleased to present the work of the great Uruguayan maestro, Beledo, and help give his incredible work the merited attention from a world audience it so richly deserves.
MoonJune News
Live Performance DVD!
LIVE! In Prague
Praha Slavia Stadium,
June 17, 1989

In 1989, following the release of his album "Deeper", Copernicus had many requests to appear throughout Eastern Europe. The album garnered a lot of attention from their press and received solid radio airplay in the region.

It was a time of heightened tensions in many countries there, whose citizens suffered under totalitarian rule. There was great unrest and rebellion across the region; subsequently, many of the shows took on unexpected dimensions, as artists and audience interacted.

The Eastern European tour that year was packed with incredible, emotional performances by the band. There were many very special shows.

This DVD documents the extraordinary experience that Copernicus and this capacity audience shared at Prague's Slavia Stadium.

Immediate Eternity II
L'Étérnité Immédiate
Proving that even the most consistent of time-honored traditions can be of an arresting, bizarrely-intriguing variety, it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that Nevermore, Inc., and MoonJune Records offer Immediate Eternity II: the encore performance / reprisal from the mischievous madcap genius and the original highly-charged, battle-ready Ecuadorian quintet. Fans of the modern nano-philosopher, and from an array of delectable genres, will find plenty of juicy morsels into which to sink their sonic mandibles on this outing.
In 2001, while competing at a medieval jousting event in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Copernicus unites with four extraordinary Ecuadorian musicians. Proving their combined strengths to be too powerful for the confines of just a single outing, Copernicus reunites the renegade caballeros two years later, for a second helping of the previous delectable sonic fare. It was an earth-shaking, torrid affair, as the artist decided to once again perform the vocals in both English and Spanish, but also in French, a culture he has long admired.
In keeping with the most glorious and noble of protocols, Nevermore and MJR proudly offer the new chapter in the continuing exploration of subatomic existence and sonic freefall from the artist presently known as Copernicus. Showcasing eight fresh, original pieces of spontaneous mayhem, our hero and his band of mischievous cohorts forge their way through their most ambitious, engaging material yet. Monumental in scope, Worthless! is challenging, but sonic disembowelment has never been a sport for the weak and timid.
Victim of the Sky
Cipher and Decipher
Nevermore, Inc., in collaboration with MoonJune Records, continues their comprehensive reissue program of the Copernicus catalogue with the release of 1987's Deeper. This was the New York performance poet�s third album, previously issued on vinyl (only) twenty-five years ago. Maintaining his consistent uncompromising approach that explored the connection between improvised words and music, this superlative effort documents the continued evolution of his journey. The music, though seemingly earthly, is cosmic.
Victim of the Sky reveals further facets of the Copernicus persona, showcasing equally compelling and, at times, more soulful, organic sides of the artist. While seemingly more diverse in subject matter than his previous MoonJune catalog albums, a lighter, more playful side sometimes emerges. This particular album finds the band in exceptionally fine form: alternately flowing, floating, bobbing and weaving, and dancing -- seemingly communicating on quasi-telepathic plains, during moments of pure improvisational magic.
It all happened in Hoboken, New Jersey, in November 2008, when Copernicus gathered together an enormous cast of improvising musicians and booked a session dedicated to existential immersion (or possibly non-existential). The session's first wave led to the release of Disappearance in 2010. Now, his attention is turned to a second phase of that session, responding to improvisations that took on a different shape, making yet another twist, exposing still another nature. Cipher and Decipher, continues the evolution of Copernicus' ideas.
Nothing Exists
The year was 1984. Copernicus had begun performing with saxophonist Melody Peach, which began the transition from being a performance poet to declaiming in front of a full-scale band of musicians. When he first saw Larry Kirwan and Pierce Turner playing in NYC's East Village, an immediate collaboration was suggested. The three quickly gelled and went on to become a performing nucleus. Shortly thereafter, they carried 15 musicians into the slick midtown Manhattan RCA Studios, laying down the tracks that would become "Nothing Exists."
November 2, 2008: A long self-imposed hiatus ends, as Copernicus quarantines a 13-piece ensemble of risk-taking musicians for an all-day studio session in illustrious Hoboken, NJ. The participants are many with which he's worked for more than two decades; all of them keenly attuned to the willing abandonment of premeditation, but well-versed in the inherent dangers of deliberate sonic free-fall. Still at the helm of this mayhem is the undaunted musical director: Irish keyboardist / composer Pierce Turner. A hero reemerges; history is made.
ZoZe Music
The Sours
The self-titled debut album by New York City's the sours offers eleven original songs that range from cutting, slice-of-life observations, to raw, diaristic confessions. This acoustic project is the brainschild of singer/songwriter Sarah Schrift, joined by producer and guitarist Sasha Markovic and special guest, pianist Kana Kamitsubo. Weaving through an amalgam of styles and textures, the artists create a rich, undulating sonic tapestry.
Yagull is a NYC-based acoustic power project, written, arranged and produced by composer / guitarist Sasha Markovic. With a variety of styles on display -- from the subtle and graceful to the fiery and rompin' -- the music is very cinematic and theme-based: a "next-generation, post-rock chamber music," of sorts. Suggesting the unpredictability of a captivating movie, the moods on �films� move from the dramatic and atmospheric to the fun and playful.
sashasonia is a New York-based acoustic power duo, comprised of Sasha Markovic (guitar) and Sonia Choi (cello/vocals). This, their self-titled debut, delivers a unique blend of musical styles -- including world, classical, folk and more -- that meld into moments of pure grace and elegance. Fueled by enthusiasm and tempered by beauty and sensitivity, magical moments abound throughout this album of diverse compositions.
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