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  Image: CD Cover: MoonJune Records TOHPATI: Tribal Dance  
Tribal Dance  
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For his third release for MoonJune Records [following 2010's Tohpati Ethnomission, Save The Planet (MJR035), and 2012's Tohpati Bertiga, Riot (MJR045)], Tohpati is joined by renowned maestros, bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Chad Wackerman [who appeared together on the Holdsworth-Pasqua-Haslip-Wackerman Blues For Tony project (MJR029)]. The result is an album of brilliantly-conceived and -executed music, evidenced by a wellspring of inspired interplay, a delightful chemistry and bursts of intense, spontaneous genius.On Tribal Dance, there's no shortage of Tohpati's trademark breathtaking, acrobatic axe-wielding. Towering power chords, distorted spare-note lead lines, unexpected machine gun-blasting sonic assaults, chugging rhythmic grooves, and even a host of elegantly-nuanced jazz phrasings, are all in attendance -- summoned at will, and in omnipotent fashion.His explosive fretwork often appears as the musical equivalent of a pounching cobra (or one that is coiled and ready to strike!), yet it is his intuitive, prescient interplay with this formidable world-class rhythm section that emerges victorious on this stage. A powerful synergy prevails, as Tohpati locks in with Haslip’s dubmaster basslines and the rubber-limbed, imaginative kitwork of Wackerman. The trio generate wave upon wave of infectious syncopations and robust grooves, gloriously decorating a very special session.
TRACKSClick on any highlighted track title to listen to individual audio samples, or listen to them all on the player to the right.
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TOHPATI: guitar
All compositions by Tohpati.
Indonesian Vocals on Track 1: Pak Kompyang and Iwan Wiradz.
Additional sound samples on intros are from the Tohpati Music Library.
Tracks 1 - 7 were recorded live in the studio by Bob Horn on September 12, 2013, at EchoBar Studios, North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.
Assistant Recording Engineer: Jones Roma
Track 8 was recorded on March 31, 2014, at Tohpati Home Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Mixed and mastered by Eko Sulistiyo at Aluna Studio, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Produced by Tohpati.
International Release Executive Production by Leonardo Pavkovic.
Licensed from Tohpati Music.
© Tohpati Music and MoonJune Records, 2014
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Tohpati is a renowned guitarist in his native Indonesia, although considered to be one of the finest guitarists in the world among those familiar with his body of work. With influences ranging from John Scofield to Robert Fripp, and Terje Rypdal to Pat Metheny, Tohpati's guitar work is always fresh, compelling and unpredictable. His playing is stellar, and his technique, flawless. He is equally at home in a variety of diverse musical settings, as his extensive body of recorded and live performance work will attest.

Tohpati began playing classical guitar at the age of ten, and his talents and reputation quickly blossomed. While in his early twenties, he joined the Indonesian jazz band, simakDialog, in 1994. The move helped further expand and define his musical identity, as the Jakarta-based outfit is well known for their intuitive musical interplay and uninhibited, expansive solos.

Tohpati recorded three solo albums with Sony Music and played on three simakDialog albums prior to becoming a MoonJune artist. Since that time he has played on two more simakDialog releases, on MoonJune Records -- 2007's Patahan (MJR015), and '09's Demi Masa (MJR024) -- and released his first international album as a leader and featured artist, Tohpati Ethnomission's "Save The Planet".

He stays constantly in demand as a band leader, support musician, performer, composer and creative collaborator -- and in many different musical situations. Tohpati has performed all over the globe, remaining a very busy musician who rarely sits still.

MoonJune is pleased and very proud to produce this outstanding guitarist. We are as eager as his continually-growing legion of worldwide fans to hear what will be coming next from this brilliant rising star on the world progressive music scene.

Image: MoonJune Records recording artist, Tohpati, in the studio with progressive legendary giants, bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer Chad Wackerman.



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