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Moraine's most recent metamorphosis highlights their reoccurring theme of unbridled invention -- undeterred by convention and delivered convincingly, with abandon! Brushing all preconception aside, Dennis Rea and company courageously initiate proceedings from a place to which most modern progressive bands can only dream of ascending. Featuring a host of engaging new originals as well as pieces written for the band by composers Daniel Barry and Jon Davis, Groundswell is certain to cement the band’s standing as a singular voice like no other in the modern progressive jazz-rock continuum.Building on the momentum generated by their previous releases for MoonJune Records, Moraine draws from the more exotic facets of the avant garde and fusion equations. [Their critically-heralded debut, 2009's manifest deNsity (MJR028), and 2012's spectacular follow-up, Metamorphic Rock: Live at NEARfest (MJR040), are albums which garnered hundreds of glowing reviews worldwide -- earning the band a diverse following, ranging from jazz aficionados, to metalheads, to world-music enthusiasts, and beyond.] Moments of "early-Crimsonesque" intensity are often balanced out by a more Eastern approach to melody, arrangement and ensemble delivery; the music is delightfully fresh and unpredictable throughout. Brilliant compositions decorated by powerful themes, sudden shifts, sensitive group dynamics and fiery solo excursions dominate this session, as Moraine reveals a more psychodelic vibe, while remaining collectively and steadfastly plugged into the magic of the moment at hand.Lovers of the best offerings from the RIO, classic fusion, prog rock, avant garde, progressive jazz, free jazz and Eastern music genres will all find plenty to sink their teeth into here -- but that only starts to penetrate the surface of this delectable amalgamation! All of the band's components -- leader/guitarist Rea; violinist, Alicia DeJoie; sax/flutist, James DeJoie; bassist Kevin Millard, and; the band's newest addition, seasoned veteran drummer Tom Zgonc -- are in peak form, playing in highly-inspired fashion, on this very special outing.
Groundswell is one of the most ambitious, far-reaching albums from the progressive genre this year. This is "brave new fusion" ... as it's title might infer, this one is destined to leave a mark!
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ALICIA DeJOIE: electric violin
JAMES DeJOIE: baritone saxophone, flute
KEVIN MILLARD: NS stick bass
DENNIS REA: guitar, electronic interventions, Mellotron
TOM ZGONC: drums
Produced by Dennis Rea and Steve Fisk.
Executive Producer: Leonardo Pavkovic
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Moraine: Moraine is a shape-shifting Seattle-based instrumental quintet led by guitarist Dennis Rea and featuring ace instrumentalists Alicia DeJoie (violin), James DeJoie (woodwinds), Kevin Millard (bass), and Tom Zgonc (drums). Moraine quickly built a reputation as one of the most electrifying and original instrumental rock bands anywhere, winning over listeners around the globe with their unique amalgam of art rock, forward-thinking jazz, Asian-inspired music, and more. With a distinctive repertoire balancing rigorously composed passages with exploratory improvisation, Moraine have delighted audiences ranging from progressive rock partisans to jazz aficionados to metalheads. The band has generated a buzz with performances in major East Coast cities, California, Mexico, and the Pacific Northwest, and its set at NEARfest 2010 was considered by many to be a highlight of the festival. Moraine's MoonJune Records releases manifest deNsity and Metamorphic Rock have garnered hundreds of glowing reviews worldwide, and its 2014 release Groundswell, co-produced and mixed by legendary Pacific Northwest producer Steve Fisk, marks a major advance for the group in every respect.

Dennis Rea: Dennis Rea's adventurous guitar playing blends modern jazz, creative rock, experimental music, and world musical traditions into an approach that is uniquely his own, embracing haunting lyricism, enigmatic textures, agile improvisation, and the raw dynamism of rock. He has performed on three continents at such venues as the WOMAD Festival, Beijing International Jazz Festival, Sichuan-China International TV Festival, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Columbia Gorge Amphitheater, and Earshot Jazz Festival. Over the years Dennis has led or been a key contributor to numerous innovative groups, including Moraine, Land, Stackpole, Axolotl, Savant, Earthstar, Identity Crisis, Iron Kim Style, and Ting Bu Dong. He has performed or recorded with such prominent creative musicians as European free jazz legend Han Bennink, Chinese rock megastar Cui Jian, acclaimed French composer Hector Zazou, German electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze, trombone virtuoso Stuart Dempster, and jazz mainstay John Clayton, as well as members of King Crimson, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Ministry, and the Sun Ra Arkestra. He has collaborated with many of the most important figures in contemporary Chinese music and was one of the first Western musicians to record an album for the state-owned China Record Company. His activities have included film, theater, radio, and modern dance, and he has appeared on more than two-dozen recordings to date. He was a finalist for Best Guitarist in the 2005 Seattle Weekly Music Awards, and won a Golden Ear Award for Best Northwest Outside Jazz Group in 2000 as leader of the improvising quartet Stackpole. He is also an accomplished author whose most recent work is the book Live at the Forbidden City: Musical Encounters in China and Taiwan, a portrait of the emerging Chinese rock and jazz scenes and a chronicle of his musical adventures in the Far East.

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