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  Image: CD Cover: COPERNICUS: Immediate Eternity II  
Immediate Eternity II  
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Proving that even the most consistent of time-honored traditions can be of an arresting, bizarrely-intriguing variety, it is with great pleasure and satisfaction that Nevermore, Inc., and MoonJune Records offer Immediate Eternity II: the encore performance / reprisal from the mischievous madcap genius and the original frenzied Ecuadorian quartet, of the songs from their collective initial offering, "Immediate Eternity."Notwithstanding all reports to the contrary, this album has never been previously released; although originally recorded in 2003, this is its long-awaited debut. Original prerelease copies were said to have been shared with various parties, but this newly-remastered album has never seen an official release.... until now!!Their first effort, the well-received, aformentioned “Immediate Eternity," was released in 2001 by Nevermore, Inc. Immediate Eternity II is a rerecording -- and fresh revisiting -- of that same material by the same group of artists -- in superior studio surroundings, and in the immediate aftermath of the group's completion of a 25-concert Central American tour. Considered by anonymous high powers (in unanimous fashion, no less) to be of a very special vintage, and of sufficient brute strength to necessitate its own release, IE II is, at last, proudly presented in all its frenetic glory!Fans of the modern nano-philosopher, and from across an array of delectable genres, will find plenty of juicy morsels into which to sink their respective sonic mandibles on this outing. The influences run far, wide and deep here, as the musicians dig in their spurs and attack the music like a pack of rabid beasts that leaves but a few bone fragments in their wake.Yes, indeed: there is a very distinct chemistry present on this rare audio document! ... don't miss this latest chapter in our continuing saga, as more facets of the lush, mysterious Copernicus persona are tantalizingly revealed!!Parental guidance is not suggested."... Copernicus is always Copernicus, whether as atomic dust, dislocated atoms and molecules, a banshee crying out in Siberian wildernesses, or a satire of himself as a Shopping Network spokeshole ..."
     -Mark E. Tucker, FAME
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COPERNICUS: vocals, synth (track 6)
MATTY FILLOU: tenor saxophone (track 6)
Recorded in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2003.
Produced by Joseph Smalkowski for Nevermore, Inc.
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Perhaps the most fitting way to describe Copernicus is as a "performance poet." Even though the gentleman originally named Joseph Smalkowski plays keyboards, Copernicus refuses to be categorised as a musician. Despite often having inhabited the alternative New York rock'n'roll scene, his music also exudes strong elements of jazz, classical and the avant garde. Even though Copernicus' preferred recording strategy is that of improvisation, his epic pieces tend to revolve around themes, riffs and repeated clusters, moving along a clearly linear pathway.

The booming delivery and abstract texts evoke the spirit of classic beat generation poetry, but the Copernicus stance goes back even further to the theatrical confrontations of the Dada movement. He's always preferred the improvisatory approach, even though each poem's grist might be prepared in advance, their rhythms and content might be disassembled in the moment.

Copernicus has always been fiercely independent, since he first started recording in this manner, back at the dawn of the 1980s. He organises the recording sessions, sculpts the assembled band, oversees the album artwork and releases each disc on his own Nevermore, Inc. label. 1985 brought Nothing Exists, which emphatically laid out the themes of his subsequent work. A burst of creativity led to the swift succession of Victim Of The Sky (1987), Deeper (1989) and Null (1990). Often, Copernicus would perform with large-scale ensembles, but in 1991 he initiated the practice of giving completely solo performances, revealing his declamations in a stripped, confrontational space. He views himself as a conduit for abstract ideas and philosophical notions. Copernicus decided that his particular marriage of music and narrative was the best way to communicate his thoughts and concepts to a receptive audience.

He released "No Borderline" in 1993, but there was to be a longer gap before the eventual release of 2001's "Immediate Eternity" -- which moved in a completely different direction, as its creator was spending increasing amounts of time in Ecuador.

Copernicus was evolving after having spent three years penning his book, also called Immediate Eternity. He linked up with Los Nomadas from Guayaquil, the country's biggest city, and his music moved temporarily more towards the zone of jazz-rock fusion. With 2010's Disappearance, Copernicus made a return to the old established methods, refining them into a distillation of an ongoing obsession with the freedom and beauty of nothingness.

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