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  Image: DVD Cover: COPERNICUS: Live In Prague - DVD  
Live! In Prague
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From the liner notes of the DVD:
In 1989, after the release of the album "Deeper", Copernicus received many requests to appear live in a number of cities in Europe -- including Moscow, Sopot, Prague, Vilnius and Berlin. "Deeper" had received a lot of attention from the press and got tremendous radio airplay. This was a time of heightened tension in many countries, separated from the rest of the world by their mostly totalitarian regimes.
This concert footage documents the entire experience at Prague's Slavia Stadium. For the nine thousand fans, it was a rewarding experience. Copernicus and the audience interacted in an extraordinary manner. The effects of Copernicus' songs such as "The Authorities" and "White from Black" and others were visibly a big blow to the audience eager to absorb more of Copernicus' lyrics and the gripping original music performed by those musicians which included Larry Kirwan of Black 47 on keyboards, guitar and vocals, Mike Fazio on guitar, Thomas Hamlin on drums, and Dave Conrad on bass along with their American soundman, Michael Ford.
The use of split screen technology with footage from two separate sources heightens the experience that one almost feels that he is right there at the mixing board watching every move from the stage and from the audience's point of view. This video certainly is a document from the time when bands would go out and venture into these far away places. It is worth its price in gold.
Don't miss this incredibly-documented historic event of Copernicus at his most powerful and engaging.
TRACKSScroll down further on this page to view sample video clips from this performance DVD.
1. The Authorities!****
2. White From Black**
3. Son Of A Bitch From The North***
4. Oh, God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***
5. In Terms Of Money**
6. Chicen-Itza Elvis***
7. From Bacteria**
8. Nagasaki*
9. Blood*
10. The Own Everything***
* - originally on the album “Nothing Exists” (1984)
** - originally on the album “Victims Of The Sky” (1985)
*** - originally on the album “Deeper” (1987)
**** - originally on the album “Null” (1987)
COPERNICUS: lead vocals, lyrics
LARRY KIRWAN: keys, guitar, vocals
MIKE FAZIO: guitar
Filmed in 1989 by Corbett Santana (left camera) and Ceskoslovenská Televízia Praha (Czechoslovakian TV Prague) crew (right camera).
Sound engineer: Michael Ford
Post-production by Fernando Natalici, Mourrice Papi & Adnor Pitanga, XT Studio, New York (Summer 2011).
All the vocals of Copernicus created by Copernicus.
Copernicus is a conceptual creation of Joseph Smalkowski.
Produced by Copernicus.
Executive production by Joseph Smalkowski, for Nevermore, Inc.
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Perhaps the most fitting way to describe Copernicus is as a "performance poet." Even though the gentleman originally named Joseph Smalkowski plays keyboards, Copernicus refuses to be categorised as a musician. Despite often having inhabited the alternative New York rock'n'roll scene, his music also exudes strong elements of jazz, classical and the avant garde. Even though Copernicus' preferred recording strategy is that of improvisation, his epic pieces tend to revolve around themes, riffs and repeated clusters, moving along a clearly linear pathway.

The booming delivery and abstract texts evoke the spirit of classic beat generation poetry, but the Copernicus stance goes back even further to the theatrical confrontations of the Dada movement. He's always preferred the improvisatory approach, even though each poem's grist might be prepared in advance, their rhythms and content might be disassembled in the moment.

Copernicus has always been fiercely independent, since he first started recording in this manner, back at the dawn of the 1980s. He organises the recording sessions, sculpts the assembled band, oversees the album artwork and releases each disc on his own Nevermore, Inc. label. 1985 brought Nothing Exists, which emphatically laid out the themes of his subsequent work. A burst of creativity led to the swift succession of Victim Of The Sky (1987), Deeper (1989) and Null (1990). Often, Copernicus would perform with large-scale ensembles, but in 1991 he initiated the practice of giving completely solo performances, revealing his declamations in a stripped, confrontational space. He views himself as a conduit for abstract ideas and philosophical notions. Copernicus decided that his particular marriage of music and narrative was the best way to communicate his thoughts and concepts to a receptive audience.

He released "No Borderline" in 1993, but there was to be a longer gap before the eventual release of 2001's "Immediate Eternity" -- which moved in a completely different direction, as its creator was spending increasing amounts of time in Ecuador.

Copernicus was evolving after having spent three years penning his book, also called Immediate Eternity. He linked up with Los Nomadas from Guayaquil, the country's biggest city, and his music moved temporarily more towards the zone of jazz-rock fusion. With 2010's Disappearance, Copernicus made a return to the old established methods, refining them into a distillation of an ongoing obsession with the freedom and beauty of nothingness.

Image: Nevermore Records artist, Copernicus



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