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  Image: CD Cover: BELEDO: Montevideo Jazz Dreams; Gudari Records  
Montevideo Jazz Dreams  
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Supported by the likes of such modern-day jazz icons as Randy Brecker, Manolo Badrena and Stefon Harris, Montevideo Jazz Dreams is Uruguayan-born, NYC-based Beledo's elegant, arousing musical homage to his birthplace. Released in 2007, this inspired outing not only showcases Beledo's equally-masterful talents as a performer on both guitar and piano, but also as an adept composer and arranger.All of the tunes unfold in flowing, organic fashion. From the playful weaving, counterpoint and interplay of cuts such as "Rugue On A Blue Note" and "The Truce of Cufré," to the driving urgency and powerful staccato thematic melody of "Late Show," the album is a multifarious tapestry, effortlessly woven to perfection.The resulting synergy of this potent assemblage of accomplished, articulate musicians bears the earmark of a seasoned band with remarkable chemistry, as opposed to just a group of players contributing to another's solo album. Each tune is, of itself, a finely-polished, elaborate rare gem, collectively culminating in a multi-faceted masterpiece of timeless sonic art whose details are more appreciated with each subsequent listen.Kicking off with the intrigue of the oblique Spanish-flavored polyrhythmic percussion-and-vocals introduction of the disc's opening number ("Entre Laberintos"), all the way through to the brilliant, unrelenting melody line and tasteful punctuations of its closer ("Boathouse Riff"), Beledo and his stellar supporting cast have produced an album of alluring pulchritude, the grace and subtleties of which belie the depths of its genius, ambition and enterprise. This is refined, ornate music for the true jazz connoisseur: an enticing array of exotic delicacies that tease and tantalize, but still ultimately satisfy.MoonJune Records is proud and pleased to bring you the work of the great Uruguayan maestro, Beledo, and help give his incredible work the international attention and audience it so richly deserves.
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BELEDO: piano, guitar
JORGE CAMIRUAGA: vibraphone (on Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6 & 8)
STEFON HARRIS: vibraphone (on Tracks 2, 5, 7 & 9)
ANDY MIDDLETON: tenor and soprano saxophones
CHRIS KOMER: french horn
DAVID FINCK: upright bass
MARK WALKER: drums (on Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8), vocal drums (on Track 1)
MANOLO BADRENA: drums (on Tracks 5 & 9), percussion (on Tracks 1, 5 & 9), vocals (on Track 9)
Additional Musicians:
CAROL MOORE: vocals (on Track 1)
AMAR KABIR: additional ensemble trumpet
Music composed and arranged by Beledo.
Engineered by Peter at Peter Karl Studios, Brooklyn, NY.
Mastered by Fred at Kevorkian Mastering, NYC. Additional Mastering: Jonathan Townes, at Peter Karl Studios.
Produced by Beledo.
Executive Production: A Starry Night, NYC
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"BELEDO is considered a real myth among Uruguayan music connoisseurs," according to EL PAIS newspaper from Montevideo, Uruguay. Piano was Beledo's first instrument, however, he became a guitar hero in his late teenage years captivating audiences in Uruguay and Argentina.

Later on, his fusion efforts of the early eighties in South America gained recognition in the U.S., as Beledo was featured in articles regarding 'upcoming talents,' in GUITAR PLAYER magazine and JAZZIZ magazine.

Beledo's breakthrough solo album, 2007's MONTEVIDEO JAZZ DREAMS (a homage to his native home), featured STEFON HARRIS on vibraphone, RANDY BRECKER on trumpet, MARK WALKER and MANOLO BADRENA on drums, ANDY MIDDLETON on sax, CHRIS KOMER on french horn, DAVID FINCK on upright bass, and JORGE CAMIRUAGA on vibraphone. The album showcased his prolific talents on both piano and guitar. Not only did it evidence his status as a world-class performer, but also as an extraordinary composer and highly-skilled arranger.

Currently based in New York, Beledo can regularly be seen performing throughout the city -- with the 'Safro-Jazz band,' OJOYO [featuring saxophonist MORRIS GOLDBERG (from the ROSIE O'DONNELL SHOW), drummer ANTON FIG (from the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN), and bassist BAKITHI KUMALO from PAUL SIMONS's Graceland album], his group, THE AVENGERS (featuring the former MILES DAVIS bandleader and keyboardist ADAM HOLZMAN, and jazz veterans bassist LINCOLN GOINES and drummer KIM PLAINFIELD), and a number of other progressive music artists that inhabit or filter through the NYC area. His newest band, the upstart GIALEDO & THE UNPREDICTABLES are set to begin a series of progressive sonic assaults on the greater metropolitan area.

Beledo has toured with the TROPICAL TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES featuring TITO PUENTE, CELIA CRUZ, TITO NIEVES, CHEO FELICIANO, and an all-star line up of Latin artists. (This tour included Spain, Portugal, and Martinique, with concerts in Madrid, Barcelona, Las Palmas, Valencia, La Coruña, Lisbon, and Fort de France.) He has also toured in various regions around the globe with his perennial group, HEMISPHERES (with whom he recorded several albums).

Earlier in his career, after first migrating to the U.S. and locating to Los Angeles, Beledo attended the UCLA Certified Program for Film Scoring. Later (while still on the west coast), he co-produced music (along with PETER AYKROYD) for the Warner Brothers film, "NOTHING BUT TROUBLE" (starring DEMI MOORE, JOHN CANDY, DAN AYKROYD, and CHEVY CHASE).

He also attended the University School of Music in Uruguay and performed classical music recitals on NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO and in various theatres. He was also a founding member of the first Jazz Ensemble, sponsored by the conservatory in an effort to integrate jazz into the traditional curriculum.

A higly-respected player, Beledo has also performed with MANOLO BADRENA, PEDRO AZNAR, HUGO FATTORUSO, GUSTAVO MORETTO, JOE LOCKE, JEFF ANDREWS, GARY WILLIS, BILL BERG, RUFUS PHILPOT, THIERRY ARPINO, JOHN BENITEZ and a host of others. Most recently, an extraordinary, storied career of an incredible, uncompromising musician has gone full circle: after all of his years touring and playing, Beledo is finally getting the international recognition he so richly deserves through his association with LEONARDO PAVKOVIC and MOONJUNE RECORDS.

Many great things await, as the progressive music world becomes awakened to the presence of a true virtuoso.

Image: MoonJune Records recording artist, maestro BELE BELEDO.

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