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 MoonJune Lunar Update! Stardate: 01.2016

Greetings -- and "Happy 2016!" -- to all you fellow MoonJunistas out there! I know it has been eons, mucho light years, since our last transmission. We had a malfunction, and you simply would not believe how difficult it is to locate professional assistance in these remote locations. The lunar temp agency has apparently fallen on hard times, these days.

... but enough about issues. This is about a look back at another incredible year for independent progressive music, and, in that regard, it was a breakout, breakthrough, banner year for Leonardo P. and his eclectic label, MoonJune Records!

2015 has been, indeed, a banner year for MoonJune Records: one marked by powerful debuts and brilliant follow-ups ... READ MORE


 Live Performance Review: simakDialog at Shapeshifter Lab, NYC

November 10, 2014 Was A Very Special Night!

To me, the music of simakDialog represents a voyage of discovery: exploring new sonic landscapes through their ambitious, unpretentious-but-highly-skilled approach to playing as individual musicians, and their corporate trust in one another's ability to grasp the subtle dynamics of a given moment and guide the music to its ultimate destination. (... wherever that may happen to be!)

Despite my affection for their most exotic and unique musical expressions, it wasn't until last month that I finally got an opportunity to see them perform live. (Residing 1000 miles south of NYC, in a remote portion of North Central Florida, can have such an impact on a guy, despite the strongest of passions ... READ MORE

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