MoonJune Unearths Treasure -- Yet Again -- In Indonesia!
New Moonjunistas & Fantastic New Albums


Posted June 7, 2011


Indonesia is a treasure trove for gifted musicians, and unique, sensational progressive bands -- a true modern-day "hotbed" of some of the most original, innovative jazz yet to be produced by anyone, anywhere. Were it possible, MoonJune's Leonardo Pavkovic could spend every waking minute there and produce 10 or 15 albums per year of just amazing Indonesian bands! (... And he loves the food almost as much as the music!)

Short of him getting cloned and following such pursuits, progressive jazz fusion fans will have to take them as they come -- and they are coming!

Very soon, several more progressive Indonesian bands will be joining the MoonJune family: I Know You Well Miss Clara, a sizzling progressive band from Yogyakarta, has just finished with masterings of their "Chapter One" sessions. The tracks arrived last week, and their debut CD should be out very soon. Their music has been compared with none other than prog Canterbury legends, Matching Mole (a band, which many of you know, that featured MoonJune artist Phil Miller) ... this is one you DEFINITELY won't want to miss!

Also joining us sometime late this year or early next year will be the Indonesian jazz-rock power trio, Agam Hamzah Ligro, featuring Indonesian legendary guitarist, Jakarta's own Agam Hamzah. "Dictionary II" will be their second album, and their first international release through MoonJune Records.

With just one listen to these guys, you will understand why MoonJune is so excited to have this incredible group on board, also!

... And speaking of Indonesian guitar legends, Tohpati will have another MoonJune release under his belt within the next several months; this time performing with his more rock-oriented trio, Tohpati Bertiga. This phenomenal guitarist, fresh off his tour of Brazil and inclusion in the Virada Cultural 2011 event in Sao Paulo, burns through a blistering set of rockin' originals on this project -- firmly establishing that he is equally at home in rocky surroundings.

He also provided, naturally, the stellar guitar work found on simakDialog's new upcoming release for MoonJune. After 2007's Patahan and '09's Demi Masa, simakDialog has served notice to the jazz world that there are still many new trails waiting to be blazed. This new studio album is a worthy successor, and continues that pioneering tradition. As fresh as jazz gets, this brilliant new effort is scheduled for a September release.

You can savor some delectable samples from all of these extraordinary bands in the current rotation of our MoonJune Video Player.