Our Artists

Our focus is to release internationally-situated music by artists exploring the expanding boundaries of genuine, challenging, non-over-produced music that cannot be easily categorized into any specific format. Our ongoing goal is to support music that transcends stylistic pigeon-holing, but operates within an evolutionary progressive musical continuum that places jazz at one end and rock at the other. 

Annual Subscription

MOONJUNE RECORDS now offers yearly subscriptions for $150. What can you expect for that price?

• The complete catalog plus many albums associated with the label, total of 171 albums. (DIGITAL FORMAT ONLY)

• At least 25 albums which will be posted on the added to the label’s catalog between August 31st 2020 until August 31st 2021. (DIGITAL FORMAT ONLY)

• 35% discount on all physical/merch products: CDs, LPs, books, t-shirts, mugs.

Moonjune Music Bookings

MOONJUNE MUSIC (BOOKINGS & MANAGEMENT) has handled booking of over 2500 shows since its formation in 2001. These shows have encompassed full tours, festivals, individual dates, clinics and workshops in more than 80 countries across the globe, specializing in tours in Latin America, Japan and Asia (over 70 tours in Japan since 2002).

Current booking roster: STICK MEN (worldwide), SOFT MACHINE (worldwide), LEVIN BROTHERS (worldwide), TONY LEVIN (worldwide), PETE LEVIN (worldwide), NEKTAR (worldwide), MARK WINGFIELD (worldwide), SONAR (also with DAVID TORN) (worldwide, except Europe), FRANK GAMBALE BAND (worldwide, except Europe), GONG (also GONG with STEVE HILLAGE) (worldwide, except Europe), STEVE HILLAGE BAND (worldwide, except Europe), CARAVAN (worldwide, except Europe), MARKUS REUTER (worldwide), PERCY JONES (worldwide), DAVID CROSS / DAVID CROSS & DAVID JACKSON BAND (worldwide, except Europe), ALEX SKOLNICK (worldwide, except Europe and USA), STU HAMM (worldwide, except Europe), SKOLHAMM ASYLUM (worldwide, except Europe), LEO LYONS’ TEN YEARS AFTER (worldwide, except Europe), SCOTT HENDERSON (North & Central America), THE SECURITY PROJECT feat. JERRY MAROTTA & TREY GUNN (Central & South America, Asia), GARY HUSBAND (worldwide), PFM (worldwide, except Italy), LE ORME (worldwide, except Italy), CLAUDIO SIMONETTI – GOBLIN (Central & South America, Asia), FRANCIS DUNNERY – IT BITES (Central & South America, Asia), JAN AKKERMAN (worldwide, except Europe), PHIL MANZANERA (worldwide, except Europe), ERNESTO HOLMAN (North America, Asia), BELEDO (worldwide), NICOLAS MEIER (worldwide, except Europe), ASAF SIRKIS (worldwide, except Europe), GILAD ATZMON (worldwide, except Europe), DEWA BUDJANA(worldwide except Indonesia), DWIKI DHARMAWAN (worldwide except Indonesia), BORIS SAVOLDELLI (worldwide except Italy & Russia), ALEX MACHACEK (South America, Asia), OFER ASSAF (North America, Asia).

Formerly booking management for (R.I.P.) ALLAN HOLDSWORTH (2005-2016), (R.I.P.) ELTON DEAN (2002-2006), R.I.P. RYO KAWASAKI (2018-2020).

Leonardo Pavkovic and MoonJune Music & MoonJune Records have worked with following artists: Alan Hertz, Alan Pasqua, Alex Machacek, Alex Maguire, Alex Skolnick, Allan Holdsworth, Andy Summers, Anthony Crawford, Antonio Sanchez, Archibald Ligonniere, Area, Art Themen, Arti & Mestieri, Asaf Sirkis, Banco, Barry Cleveland, Beledo, Beppe Crovella, Bill Bruford, Bill Simms Jr., Boris Savoldelli, Brian Auger, Carles Benavent, Chad Wackerman, Copernicus, Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, Corrado Rustici, Curved Air, D.F.A., Daevid Allen, David Cross, David Jackson, David Torn, Davy Knowles, Dede Yanto, Dennis Chambers, Dennis Hamm, Dennis Rea, Deus Ex Machina, Dewa Budjana, Discus, Disney On Ice, Doubt, Dušan Jevtović, Dwiki Dharmawan, Eddie Jobson, Elton Dean, Endang Ramdan, Eric Lawrence, Ernest Tibbs, Ernesto Holman, Fabio Golfetti, Finisterre, Flash, Forgas Band Phenomena, Francis Dunnery, Frank Gambale, Freddy Baker, Gary Boyle, Gary Husband, Gilad Atzmon, Guy Davis, Ernest Tibbs, Hatfield & The North, Hugh Hopper, Jan Akkerman, Jeff Berlin, Jeff Ciampa, Jeff Siegel, Jerry Marotta, Jimmy Haslip, Jimmy Johnson, Joe Locke, Joe Lovano, Joel Taylor, Joey Alexander, John Etheridge, John Marshall, John McLaughlin, John Tropea, Jon Hiseman’s Colosseum, Kai Eckhardt, Kamal Musallam, Keith Tippett, Ken Hensley, Kenny Grohowski, Kurnia Cucu, Latte E Miele, Leo Lyons, Le Orme, Leo Lyons’ Ten Years After, Lenny White, Liam Genockey, Lincoln Goines, Mahavishnu Project, Mark Fletcher, Mark Wingfield, Marko Djordjević, Marko Minnemann, Markus Reuter, Mauro Pagani, Mel Collins, Michel Delville, Mike Clark, Mike Pope, Moraine, Nektar, New Trolls, Nguyên Lê, Nicolas Meier, Ofer Assaf, Osanna, PFM, Pat Mastelotto, Percy Jones, Pete Levin, Phil Manzanera, Phil Miller In Cahoots, Pip Pyle, Renaissance, Richard Sinclair, Riza Arshad, Robby Krieger, Romain Labaye, Roy Babbington, Rudy Zulkarnaen, Ryo Kawasaki, Scott Henderson, Sean Wayland, simakDialog, Sophia Domanchic, Sonar, Soft Moon, Status Quo, Stu Hamm, Susan Clynes, Terry Bozzio, Theo Travis, Three Friends, Tim Motzer, Tohpati, Tony Bianco, Tony Levin, Travis Carlton, Trey Gunn, Vasil Hadžimanov, Vinnie Colaiuta, Virgil Donati, Xavi Reija, Yagull, Yaron Stavi, Zhang Ling (Big John Blues), and many others.

During his association with 2 Plus Music & Entertainment (2010-2015, in partnership with the legendary Gentle Giant frontman and then successful mainstream music business impresario Derek Shulman), MoonJune’s Leonardo Pavkovic has worked also with Billy Sheehan, Billy Sherwood, Bobby Kimball, Circa, Gary Cherone, Jake E Lee, John Sykes, Loudness, Mike Portnoy, Ron Mancuso, Texas Hippie Coalition, Tony Kaye, Whitesnake.

Free Samplers

Over the last 19 years, MoonJune Records has been privileged to present ambitious, visionary music recorded – from a profusion of divergent artists scattered across the globe. The free samplers below will give you an idea as to what to expect from our releases and teh artists in our roster

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